The luxury designer label Proenza Schouler is known for its tailored styles and stunning use of fabrics, but at its latest Spring 2013 runway show the designer's choice of hairstyles stood out just as much. Many of the models sported 70s-style shag hairstyles, which are now set to come back into fashion in an instant. The styles featured a heavy fringe with wispy ends and a dishevelled look. The shag cut is designed to be cut with numerous layers of different lengths. This creates an edgy look that was incredibly popular throughout the 1970s. Celebrity style fonda The shag hairstyle was originally created by Paul McGregor for Jane Fonda. The haircut shot to fame when she appeared with it in the film ‘Klute’ in 1971 as the character Bree Daniels. It was choppy, feathered and ideally suited to both Jane Fonda and her character. Jane Fonda had previously worn her hair long and blonde, so it was a complete transformation that she reportedly said did a lot for her self-esteem. SiouxsieSioux Siouxsie Sioux, the lead singer of Siouxsie and the Banshees also helped to make the haircut famous. Her punk rock-style take on the 70s shag cut inspired a generation and her haircut today is very similar. Souixsie has influenced a number of other bands throughout musical history, and her look also helped to kick off the punk fashion trend in the 70s. If you have a shag haircut you can easily style it by using our latest Hershesons professional styling tools. The Our Ionic Professional Hair Dryer can ensure your hair doesn't get too frizzy when drying, and our Ionic Professional Straighteners can help you to put your own stamp on the shag haircut. Proenza Schouler also featured some of this season’s other top hairstyles, including ponytails and tousled curls. Find out more about the latest hair trends at Hershesons. Images courtesy of Proena Schouler, Hair Colour Corner and 8ball.