6 ways to make curls pop

From corkscrew curls to loose waves, there are over 345 million views for curly hair hacks on TikTok – but not all of them are hairdresser approved.

Curly hair – particularly tighter 4C curls – need the right kind of routine to feel and look healthy and defined. And since they’re naturally drier than other hair types, it’s key to know the tricks of the trade to ensure they pop in all the right ways.

Here are some of our tried-and-tested tips.

Have a good haircut

All good hairstyles start with a haircut, so make sure you’re looking after your ends and booking in to see a professional every six to eight weeks.

Use a microfibre towel

‌When you wash your hair, always avoid drying it with a towel. Instead, opt for a microfibre towel or even an old T-shirt to squeeze moisture out of the hair, without interfering with its natural curl pattern. Normal towels equal frizz.

Get a moisturising cream

The aim of the game with curls is always to hydrate, so ensure you’re applying a nourishing mask weekly. Day to day, it’s all about using moisturising hair products – such as our Almost Everything Cream – to help define and condition curls and smooth frizz. Post-wash, it’s also a good idea to apply a moisturising cream through mid-lengths and ends while the hair is still damp – this will help curls pop when they’re dry.

Twist the hair‌

Encourage the hair to form A-grade curls by taking small sections of hair and twisting it around your fingers – whether you’ve got gentle waves or tighter coils, this is an easy way to achieve definition without too much effort.

Use a diffuser attachment

‌Make sure you’ve got our Great Hairdryer’s diffuser attachment ready to go, especially if you’ve got tighter curls. When drying your hair, this is your saving grace – not only will it ensure curls look good when they’re dry, but it also keeps them healthy. We recommend avoiding using your hands too much when you’re drying your hair because it can promote frizz and flyaways.

Get scrunching

Scrunch styling cream – Almost Everything Cream is your friend again – into your curls, massaging from the roots upward to bring volume and energy to your hair.