While we love a good Air Dry look, blow dries are making a comeback in a big way. Think Bianca Jagger and the '90s supermodels, right through to Dua Lipa and Sydney Sweeney: This season's blow dry is big, blown out and polished while retaining a natural ease and fresh, modern vibe.

It's the kind of look you pull out when you need to feel your most confident – and want to up your Great Hair game overall.

Here’s 6 insider tips to nailing this season’s Modern Blow Dry…


1. It’s all about the hairdryer

Because not all dryers are created equal. You'll want to find the fastest, most powerful and most efficient one available to help you get plenty of volume, body and movement while retaining the health and elasticity of your hair. The kind of dryer professionals use to get magazine cover results that don't fall flat after an hour.

2. Start dry – not wet

If you want lasting volume and bounce, rough dry your hair first – then style it. Even better, you could try styling second-day hair. The extra texture your hair has when it's a day old will help you achieve that modern-day blown-out look – and help it last longer.


3. Prep with the right products

To perfect your blow dry, you need to perfect your canvas. Apply one to two pumps of Almost Everything Cream to wet hair to prevent frizz. Layer a plum-sized ball of Zhoosh Foam over the top, making sure to rub it into the roots to create lift and scrunch it into the lengths for more body and movement. You can always use a smidgen more AEC on dehydrated ends and flyaways once your hair is dry, if you like a smooth, polished finish (this is our famous Zhoosh Sandwich technique).

4. Brushes are everything

Just like your dryer, adding shape and movement to your blow dry relies on having the right brush. We created our Pro Blow Dry Brushes based on years of experience styling all different hair types in our flagships. They’re super simple to use, do the hard work for you – and even come in three sizes to suit the length and thickness of your hair.

5. Perfect your pinch

Follow our Pinch method by using your round brush to pull the front section of your hair forward, parting it in the middle, then securing it above each ear with the Great Hair Clips and waiting for a few minutes. As your hair cools, it sets in a face-framing shape that’s super flattering, emphasising your eyes and bone structure.

6. The finishing touch

Pull your hair into a low ponytail with one hand, then use the Everyday Essentials Brush to back-brush the underneath section a little. This will help build in more body, so your hair doesn’t fall flat as soon as you leave the house. Mist with some classic L’Oréal Elnett hairspray and take your blow dry out somewhere it’ll get seen.