5 ways to achieve shiny hair


Super shiny hair is having a moment – see Sydney Sweeney, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Simone Ashley for proof – but contrary to popular belief you don’t need layer upon layer of hair product to make it happen. All you need are some stealth hairstylist tricks to nail it – here, Luke shares some of his favourites.


Always finish washing your hair with a cold rinse – it helps close the hair cuticle, which makes hair more reflective.


Use the nozzle of your hair dryer to blow the hair downwards, from roots to mid-lengths. It prevents frizz, which promotes shine.


Brush your hair daily to help disperse natural oils throughout the hair, which creates a subtle healthy shine.


Eat the right foods. Anything rich in fatty acids, such as fish, avocados, olives, eggs and spinach are all brilliant for fortifying each strand, preventing breakage and subsequent frizz.


Okay, so we said you didn’t need any product – and you don’t – but our Almost Everything Cream certainly helps. Apply it through mid-lengths and ends when it’s damp and/or dry to help smooth the hair and lend a luminous sheen.