Hairstyles come and go, but if there’s some look that just keeps coming around, it has to be The Lob. Inspired by the 90s and 00s (think Jessica Alba and Alexa Chung were the original poster girls), it’s more recently been updated by Margot Robbie, Lizzo, Sydney Sweeney and Zendaya.

The specific length of a Lob (somewhere between the shoulder and collarbones) makes it super versatile and universally flattering. It’s not too long, nor too short. And, a great stylist will know how to tailor it to you with some face–framing layers, some chunky ends or a shape that enhances your curls. Unlike a more classic, shorter bob, this length can also be tied up, making it the ultimate versatile style.

Perhaps the enduring appeal of the Lob is its effortlessness and low maintenance styling. Find the right products, and you can get a Great Lob in a matter of minutes.

So, here are my 5 favourite ways to style your Lob quickly and easily.


1. Air Dry in Beachy Waves

Lobs are made to be air dried. To achieve your hair– but better– use our Twist Method when applying Air Dry Spray to bring out your hair’s natural movement and get great, beachy waves.

2. Add a fringe

A Lob works perfectly with curtain bangs or a fuller fringe, adding built–in, face–framing shape. Both are a great way to accentuate your eyes or just give your style more interest if you feel like you want to sharpen this mid–length look.


3. Channel the 90s

Your Lob will instantly look on trend and on point when you add the classic 90s hair accessory: the Claw Clip. Use Almost Everything Cream to hydrate your hair and smooth frizz, then twist it up, leaving the front section free to frame your face. It’s the perfect look if you want to skip shampooing for another day (rubbing some Zhoosh Foam into the roots will also absorb oil and revive second–day hair).

4. Get easy volume

One of the great things about the Lob is that it looks good on all hair types. However, if your hair is on the finer/flatter side – or you just want to add more oomph – layer Zhoosh Foam over Almost Everything Cream, really working it through your lengths, before air or blow drying. Rub some more Zhoosh into any areas (like your parting and at the crown of your head) where you’d like added root–lift.

5. Perfect the 5–minute Blow Dry

If you’d rather not leave the house with damp hair, or simply want to give your look a little more polish, a Great Hairdryer will soften, smooth and add shine. Prep your hair with frizz–fighting Almost Everything Cream, then perfect our 5–Minute Blow Dry Technique. Use a round brush to blow dry the front section of hair forward, then part it in the middle to create a curtain–like sweep of face–framing shape.