Sure, we love long hair; we love bobs, and we love a pixie crop too. But if there’s one style that feels totally on point – for all hair types and textures – it’s the Middy. And yes, it even adds great shape and style to curly hair, too.

“Many women fear that mid-length hair will end up looking frumpy or dull. Yet cut the right way, a Middy gives you an effortlessly chic look that’s versatile and takes no time at all to style.” - Luke Hersheson.

Think Margot Robbie, Hailey Bieber, Barbara Palvin and Rose Huntington-Whitely (we could go on…). A Middy is effortlessly chic and simple but exudes quiet confidence – and is versatile enough to style it your way.

Here’s 5 ways to keep your mid-length on point…

1. Get the length just right

Too long, and your Middy will look tired; too short, and it'll do strange flicky things as it hangs around your shoulders. It needs to be just right. Guide your stylist by asking that yours sits mid-way between your collarbone and the uppermost crease of your armpit. It’s a super flattering, feminine length that doesn’t require the maintenance or styling time of longer hair.

2. Avoid layers

For certain cuts, we’re great fans of adding our signature invisible layers in order to create shape. But the Middy is the exception to the rule. Something about adding layers to a Middy makes it look instantly dated – as if you're caught in haircut no man's land. Instead, opt for chunky ends that are all one length (we're thinking ruler-straight).  It'll lend your tips a certain weight that keeps your overall look super fresh.

3. Get effortless texture & movement

To work a Middy, you need effortless movement. Any hint of a flick under will make it seem contrived. Instead, beat frizz by smoothing our award-winning Almost Everything Cream into wet hair after you shower. Then, scrunch a plum-sized amount of our new Zhoosh Foam into your mid-lengths and ends before allowing your hair to air dry. You can even add more Zhoosh into dry hair – particular any area where you need some extra volume and oomph.

4. Style it your way

We wear our Middy in a centre parting. But you can always flick the front section of your hair to the side to create some height and extra shape. Equally, a mid-length hairstyle has the advantage of looking great down while being long enough to tie up for workouts or whenever you feel like switching things up. The perfect mid-length also looks great straight – or with some gentle beachy waves.

5. Add an accessory

A Middy carries inherent '90s vibes that give it that easy, cool feel. Amp this up by adding a crocodile clip in a half-up, half-down style.

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