5 things we love about Gigi Hadid’s new bob

5 things we love about Gigi Hadid’s new bob

If ever there was confirmation that the bob is going nowhere, then Gigi Hadid and her new chop is it. The supermodel is – no, was – synonymous with bounteous, long, flaxen hair, but just cut it all off in favour of a beachy, tousled bob.

Debuting the new look on Instagram, Gigi’s bob won praise from Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Imaan Hammam and Karen Elson, to name just a few. So what makes the perfect bob? And how can you recreate it with your hairstylist? We unpack all the details here.

It’s the perfect length for her face shape

‌Gigi naturally has a fuller face, and her new bob is perfectly cut to help elongate and balance it. Sitting a few inches below her jawline, it’s one length and a simple silhouette. In fact, it’s a great bob to try if you’re worried about going too short.

It doesn’t need loads of styling

‌The cut speaks for itself – spritz some of our Air Dry Spray into a cut like this when it’s wet, and it’ll dry tousled and soft. It’s one of those cuts that looks better as the days go by.

It’s versatile

‌Okay, so you don’t need to style a bob like this, but if you do want to switch up your look, it’s surprisingly versatile – as Gigi has already proved. First she tried beachy waves, then she tried a deep side parting with straight mid-lengths and kicked-out ends, and next? Well, undoubtedly there will be half ponytails and slicked-back looks too.

Slight flick

‌We’ve already shared how much we loved a kicked-out end, and Gigi’s bob is cut to naturally flick out a bit, without looking too done. A little detail like this lends a cool-girl, effortless finish to the style, no styling required.

The colour

With lived-in roots and sun-kissed blonde, Gigi’s colour is the right kind of beachy – making her hairstyle feel natural and perfect for the sunshine months.

‌Want to get the beachy, tousled bob book with one of our expert stylists.