You know those times when you’re desperate to impress – but you also desperately want to look like you’ve haven’t tried at all? That just about describes any date we’ve ever actually cared about too. Like ‘no make-up make-up’ and ‘that old thing’ we threw on, nailing easy-cool, sexy hair that makes you look and feel confident about how awesome you really are, can require a little thought. All that studying to look unstudied: no wonder it’s so hard to figure out. But this is what we know: unless we’re talking really bad (ultra-smelly, ultra-greasy, hailing dandruff or matted with chewing gum or some other unmentionable), your date is not going to notice. confidence is key To set you on your way to Great Date Night Hair, here are 5 simple things you can do to elevate your style – and still seem like you don’t give a damn.

Skip the blow dry

We realise that for a brand with multiple Blow Dry Bars, this seems counterintuitive. But we don’t believe in selling you things, just for the sake of a sale. Truth be told, anything too polished, perfect or slick will look at best contrived, and at worst, a little scary. Not only that, but a perfect salon blow dry is one hell of a signpost to just how keen you really are. Better to go with a little natural texture that whispers a hint of nonchalance – and feels much more like the real you.

But do have clean hair

date nightsubconscious
If a blow dry is OTT, we think having clean hair is a total date night must – because it works on our animal instincts. Freshly washed hair carries a hint of shampoo-y scent (layer a little perfume on to amplify the effect), plus looks soft and silky to the touch. Appeal to your target's subconscious senses, and we're pretty sure they'll ask for a second date.

Add a little zhoosh

zhoosh hair If your freshly-washed hair sometimes falls a little flat, there’s always room for zhoosh: that tiny tweak that makes all the difference – almost invisibly so. Everyone has their own zhoosh method, but we like to flip our head upside down, spray some L’Oréal Paris Elnett Hairspray on at arm’s length and gently ruffle the roots with our fingertips. It adds subtle body and texture to lovely clean hair, in a way that looks like you haven’t lifted a finger.

Take things down a notch

Now let’s not go the whole hog on your very first date. If you’re usually first in line to try out a new statement style or accessory, then truly – we salute you. That said, a first date is rarely the time to go big. So, let’s leave the giant hair bows (Lady Gaga), jewelled crowns (Dolce & Gabanna SS17) or anything with net, feathers or fur, in your back pocket for now. Save the most out there version of yourself for a time when you’re certain they’re worthy of seeing it.

Get some inspiration

There’s nothing like some professional inspiration to get you in the right frame of mind for (deep breath), a-freshly-washed-look-that’s-definitely-not-blow-dried-but-has-a-little-zhoosh-without-the need-for-crazy-accessories. We’re biased of course, but we think our very own stylists are the best at creating Great Hair. So, have a scroll through their feeds @thehairbros, @mrjordangarrett (you’ll find his celebrity clients in the mix) and @adrian_at_hershesons. You can spend hours trying to recreate their style, so it looks like you haven’t tried at all. We won’t tell if you don’t.