5 New Year Commandments for Great Hair in 2024

5 New Year Commandments for Great Hair in 2024

Bounteous, voluminous and oh-so-beautiful hair doesn’t have to be hard, you know.

In fact, in most cases, it’s a simple case of adopting some easy everyday habits to improve hair health and appearance.

Now we’re in 2024 mode, try these simple, but effective rules for great hair this year.

Visit salon regularly for a trim

We wouldn’t be a hair salon if we didn’t – first and foremost – recommend regular trims. Try and book in every six to eight weeks to ensure your ends are healthy and the shape of your style is well-kept.


Approach knots with caution

One of the biggest mistakes people make at home is hacking away at knots – unfortunately, this leads to breakage and frayed ends. Instead, apply a conditioner or mask to the area, then use a fine-tooth comb to work it out. Your hair will thank you.


Air dry your hair sometimes

If you can, put down the heat tools every now and then – despite how good they make the hair look, high temperatures can damage the hair, leading to brittle, dry strands in the long run. We created our Air Dry Spray to make wash-and-go hair an easy feat. Delivering a tousled finish, spritz it into damp hair and go.


Create a skincare routine… for your hair

We pay so much attention to our skin, but our hair needs similar levels of hydration and moisture, so make sure you’re giving it what it needs. We recommend applying a deep hydration mask weekly, heat protectant whenever you style it and Almost Everything Cream to add moisture to ends and tame flyaways.


To cold shot… or not?

We love to finish each hair wash with a cold shot of water. An easy way to add shine and stimulate blood flow to the scalp, cold water helps seal the hair cuticle and keeps moisture in the hair. Why not try it?