After years of trending, bobs aren’t going anywhere. Google and TikTok searches are up, and if anything, the proliferation of more and more versions of the bob means that they’re more popular than ever.

Something all our bobs have in common is their effortlessness. We like our bobs with plenty of natural texture and movement and love to let the cut do the hard work – so you don't have to. Yet, with so many different bob styles to choose from right now, it can be difficult to tell one from the other – or really understand the specific details of each. This makes it tricky to decide which one is perfect for you.

Here are my top 5 trending bobs right now – so you can tell which one has your name on it.


This bob is minimalist, graphic, super current, and all about the ends. Think Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber and Lucy Boynton: this bob skips the layers and, instead, relies on blunt tips to give it its shape and volume. It's beautifully simple but also surprisingly versatile. You could just run some Almost Everything Cream and Air Dry Spray through the lengths and ends before leaving it to dry naturally. Or you could wear it in more of a slicked style using Almost Everything Cream and tucking the sides behind each ear.



As a newcomer to the list of trending bobs, The Flipped French Bob is inspired by models Arizona Muse and Taylor Hill. It has a carefree, Parisian vibe that takes its effortlessness from the precision of the ‘swirl cutting’ technique used to create it. This forms the foundation of natural movement and texture, while thinning scissors can be used to remove any bulk, so your hair feels full of life. Try layering some Almost Everything Cream and Air Dry Spray into wet hair, then diffusing with the fastest–working hairdryer. Flip the front section to the side – and voilà!



Whether your hair is wavy or full–on curly (see our curl guide here if you're unsure), a bob is an ideal way to embrace the natural texture and get instant shape. We love to add face–framing layers to a chin–length curly bob to create a natural–looking bowl shape that's full of movement and is super low maintenance to style. This bob also looks great with Curtain Bangs if you want to accentuate your eyes and give it more shape around the hairline. With this look, Almost Everything Cream is your go–to for smooth, defined, frizz–free and no–hassle curls. Air Dry Spray will give it more of an undone, beachy vibe.



So–called for its slightly shorter layers through the crown (like butterfly wings). As per Zendaya, it usually sits around chin–length to really enhance the jawline and has built–in movement at the tips. Its defining feature is its natural volume and side–swept finish. For full impact, we like to blow dry ours using this power blow out technique and some Almost Everything Cream layered beneath volumising Zhoosh Foam.



Inspired by the long bobs (or “lobs”) of the 90s/00s (see Jessica Alba and Jennifer Anniston and Alexa Chung), this style is back as the ultimate low–key but high–style mid–length that really, anyone can wear. If you’re someone who wants to shake up your look without losing your long hair, this is the perfect solution: it hangs somewhere around collarbone height, has face–framing layers and looks great with a fringe. Add some two–minute tousle with Air Dry Spray, or tie it up, flick it to one side, or even perfect this 5–minute blow dry. To enhance those layers, these clips are also your time–saving best friend if you want to create shape and movement around your face.