5 excellent bobs to know now

5 excellent bobs to know now

In the market for a new bob? You’re not short on choice. As summer arrives, here are some of our favourite bob trends to choose from.

Cowgirl bob

If you weren’t already au fait with cowgirl chic, where have you been hiding? The latest iteration comes in the form of this bob, which features a few layers through the bottom of the cut for a raw, unfinished appearance – just like, ya know, you’ve been riding a horse around all day.



The lob

‌For those of you currently growing out a shorter bob, the lob might be more of interest. A mid-length chop that sits somewhere between the collarbone and tops of the shoulders, the latest celebrity adoptee of the look is Jennifer Aniston. No longer a boring in-between cut, the lob has never been cooler.


Hydro bob

What makes a bob “hydro”? It’s less about the cut itself, and more in how it’s styled: a wet-look finish is where this look is at. Not as easy to pull off as many of the others, to create a hydro bob at home, simply apply lots of Almost Everything Cream to damp hair and finish with a hair oil.


Cropped bob

Sporty, youthful and sexy – not to mention excellent for the hotter summer months – the cropped bob is super short, sitting around the top of the jaw. A more high maintenance chop than you might think, make sure you’ve got your Great Hairdryer at the ready to ensure smooth roots.


Flicked bob

We’re still not over the flicked bob here at Hershesons. With Gigi Hadid as its poster girl, it’s a really easy cut to style. With the help of some Almost Everything Cream and hair oil, slick your hair into a tiny ponytail then let it dry. Once it’s out, you’ll find a natural flip. Easy and oh-so-cool.