As much as we love hair, when it comes to our morning battle between extra snooze time and extra styling time, there really is no contest. Even so, let’s not let your style go southward. Here are 4 styling tweaks to elevate your look in a minute – or less. So, no matter how late you’re running, you can always have Great Winter Hair.

Join us in some tuck jumps

The way you dress and the way you wear your hair are two sides of the same puzzle: they needn’t be matchy-matchy – but they should complement each other nicely, to build up an overall vibe. Jump start your look by tucking it in - to a jumper, a scarf or the collar of your trench. It literally takes a second and looks super chic. We decided to call it a tuck jump.

An accessory adds instant polish

Whilst beanies have their place in winter, all that yanking on and off can only cause static and frizz. Instead, add a ribbon to your low pony, by tying it in a bow at the base. It’s luxe, adds instant polish and keeps your style shiny, controlled and smooth. Brownie points if your ribbon is velvet – this winter’s favourite fabric.

A centre part will make it cooler

Switch up your tuck by taking both sides behind your ears, but leave a few strands loose at the front in order to frame your face. Add a statement earring, why not? Just keep it modern, keep it fresh – and go with a centre parting.

Messy buns run on autopilot

You know those times when you need your hair to get out of your way – and fast? You're hot; you're bothered, your hair’s not seen shampoo for days; sometimes we fling it up in a top knot when we’re just concentrating really, really hard. That nonchalant, intuitive messy bun you’ve been in a lifelong dress rehearsal for, is your one-minute way to Great Hair. But here’s the rub: concentrate too hard, staring at the mirror in a bid to make every strand perfect, and your style will only look contrived. So, flip your head upside down and think of England as your hands autopilot their way around any twists and flicks you’d do as a matter of course. Secure with a single pin, clip or pen – and encourage flyaways, by all means. This is never about being perfect. Now, you’re looking at Great Winter Hair.