Colour 2020
Fancy a new hair colour to go with your brand spanking New Year? Colour is like the makeup of hair: while a Great Cut acts like good skincare to create the perfect canvas, Great Colour can add shape and definition, while building on your look to bring out the best in you. But how to choose the best hair colour for you - when there's so many shades and techniques to choose from? We asked 6 top colourists to reveal their 2020 Hair Colour trends. From subtle to statement, now you can find the perfect hair colour switch-up for you.

Contrast your layers

by @Jenna8097 Jenna Norman is our resident Balayage queen, but for 2020, she’s predicting a shake-up. So, say goodbye to creamy beiges, dip-dye and ombréd looks with colour built up on the ends. “The 2020 update is playing with contrasting tones in different layers of your hair. For example, this could mean having a darker under section peeking through a light upper layer of hair.” Think of it like layering your winter wardrobe with slightly different tones – then do the same with your hair.

Colour Shine
Dial-up your colour shine

by @Gemmaocolour “Upping the condition of your colour is a key trend for 2020,” says Gemma O’Brien. “Finishing your colour appointment with a gloss treatment then using Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep Conditioning Mask once a week at home will keep your colour healthy, revitalised and super shiny".

Red Balayage
Break the rules with 2020’s new red

by @HairPaintingByMaxine “Generally, we save auburns, coppers and strawberry shades for the autumn. In 2020, we’ll smash that shade rule and bring these warm, flattering tones into spring/summer – then add a twist,” says hand-painting Hershesons expert, Maxine Heale. “I apply these red tones over balayage to prevent them from becoming blocky or heavy. Instead, they appear softer, lighter and sunnier – the perfect new season vibe!”

Extend your colour with no-poo days

by @JamesJustNow James Samuel, the man behind celebrity and fashion editorial looks, says that worn-in colour that grows out beautifully is perfectly on-point for 2020. “We all know that washing your hair causes the colour to fade faster. If you need to wash your hair every day or every other day, swap out at least one shampoo per week with the no-poo method. Simply run conditioner through your wet hair in the shower, comb through and rinse as normal. Any oil and grease will stick to the conditioner and be removed. Yet your colour will remain intact, and be even softer and shinier.”