Why is it that blow drying your hair at home is just so damn hard? You’ve watched some videos. Got a good hairdryer. Tossed in some round brushes, maybe. In short, you’ve done everything you think you need to do to perfect a smooth, bouncy blowout at home.

And then your hair falls flat on your face.

With its pioneering ‘dry foam’ technology, Zhoosh gives you an effortlessly smooth, bouncy blowout – and makes it last. 

Here are 3 ways to use it on wet hair…

Prep a smooth, bouncy blowout

You know those old-school mousses and volumisers that left your hair sticky and crunchy? Well, Zhoosh is nothing like them. The 'dry foam' technology rapidly absorbs into your hair as you smooth it onto your mid-lengths and ends. The smart formulation also contains a blend of starch and alcohol that lends your hair oomph, shape and volume as you blow dry with one of these round brushes. It even gives your style lasting, but still super natural hold. We recommend using one plum-sized dollop of Zhoosh for most hair types; two if yours is thick.

For beachy texture without the frizz

Zhoosh makes the perfect partner to Almost Everything Cream. Smooth one pump of AEC over your mid-lengths and ends to prevent frizz, condition and boost shine. Layer a plum-sized ball of Zhoosh Foam over the top, scrunching it in to bring out any natural movement and texture. Then just air dry and go.

For curly girls

So, a blow dry isn’t your thing – you’d rather enhance your natural curls. Scrunch Zhoosh Foam into your mid-lengths and ends and leave it to dry naturally. Alternatively, apply Zhoosh in the same way, and let your hair fall into a diffuser on a low heat and low speed for a few minutes. Flip your hair forward, flip your hair back, then flip it side to side. In a matter of moments, you’ll have easy curls with definition and natural texture. 


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