The middy

Happy New Year! We wish you well for the year ahead. Yet, we don’t subscribe to the belief that a New Year needs a ‘new you’. We simply believe in maximising what you have, to turn up the volume on you. We won’t suggest a diet, a fitness plan, or a zillion goals to achieve before 2020 is out (although if any of that is what makes you tick, then we’re 100% behind you). Instead, here’s our predictions for 2020’s Top 3 Switch-Ups to max-out your hair and confidence, too. Style them your way and send a snap of your switch-ups to @Hershesons. We just know this is your year for Great Hair.

Mid-Length Hair
Get Medium-Length Hair

If bobs stole the show last year, 2020 will be the year of medium-length hair and the effortlessly cool versatility that comes with it. Because unlike a bob, the ‘middy’ – as we fondly refer to it – will do anything: wear it up, wear it down – wear it half-up, half-down. It looks great straight – even better with a tousled wave, whether you’re styling it at home or in one of our London Blow Dry Bars.

It is also why everyone from Victoria Beckham to Emma Watson is wearing this easy, breezy, grown-out bob right now. Whether you need to add inches or book a cut, this armpit-length that sits just beneath your collarbones will give you the flexibility you need to get Great Hair this year.

Get Dua Lipa’s Hair Colour

While we love a balayage an ombréd look, we love someone who’s willing to push the boundaries even more. Case in point, Dua Lipa – who’s rocking some serious colour vibes right now. Rose blonde on top and dark beneath, with blunt, chunky ends. A true specialist in colouring can recreate this sassy two-tone look, for a New Year switch-up that’s definitely not shy.

Get the Natural Perm

Here’s the newsflash on perms: they do not necessarily damage or dry out your hair. They do not need to stink like rotten eggs. And they never need to leave you with ringlets so tight, you look like you're heading out to your prom. Our New Wave Perm involves a fresh technique using soft rollers, to give you natural movement, while maintaining the healthy gloss of your hair. It’s like waking up with beachy waves, without so much as having to look at your tongs.