3 Haircuts Our Stylists Are Loving This Summer

3 Haircuts Our Stylists Are Loving This Summer

How are you wearing your hair this summer? Whether you’re sticking with what you’ve got during the hot months or opting for something a little shorter (ventilation = needed!), we spoke to three of our stylists to ear the hairstyles they’re loving for summer 2024. Make sure to book in with our stylists to find the perfect style for you.

The Jawline Bob

Picked by: Dale

“The sun has got everyone asking for the bob again, and this summer’s most sought-after look is just below jaw length and super choppy. It’s a versatile cut that can be flipped from side to side to create effortless texture.”

Soft Layered Bangs

Picked by: Jaime

“A firm favourite year-round, soft layered bangs look so great in summer – not only are they flattering on all face shapes and hair textures, but they’re easy to style, meaning you don’t have to worry about them in the heat.”

Natural Textures

Picked by: Samuel

“I always feel that summer is about working with what you’ve got, so I recommend clients elevate their natural hair texture. It’s all about using Air Dry Spray everyday – all you have to do is spritz it in to mid-lengths and it creates effortless texture that’s low maintenance and cool.”