3 hacks for your shiniest hair yet

3 hacks for your shiniest hair yet

Whether you’re someone who prefers a simple style or you prefer to go full glam on evenings out, party season hair is nothing without a high-shine finish.

Adding a glossy touch makes hair look healthy and flyaway-free, while also making a subtle statement – it looks expensive without being too in-your-face.

But how to achieve the ultimate shiny finish?

Luke shares his top tips:

1. Smooth surfaces reflect light

The first, and most important, rule is to remember that smooth surfaces reflect light much better than rough ones – so when it comes to hair, remember that beachy, mussed-up textures won’t shine as much.

2. Finish with a cold rinse

When you wash your hair, always finish with a cold rinse to help seal the hair’s cuticle – this will provide a flatter surface for light to bounce off of, creating a mirror-like shine.

3. Help smooth the cuticle

Apply Almost Everything Cream when the hair is wet to help smooth the cuticle, then attach a nozzle to the Great Hairdryer to channel airflow. Point the nozzle downwards, in the direction of hair growth, to amplify shine.

Gorgeous, glossy hair? Easy.