3 easy hair tricks to save you time in the morning

3 easy hair tricks to save you time in the morning

The majority of us could do with a bit more time on our hands – right?

One of the best and easiest ways to claw back some minutes in your day is to forgo multi-step beauty routines in favour of simple hacks (and products) that cut getting ready time in half.

When it comes to your hair, saving time doesn’t mean your hair won’t look as good – quite the contrary, if you have the tips, tricks and tools in your back pocket to help you achieve Great Hair.

‌Here are some of our favourite hacks.

Air dry your hair

Air drying isn’t just great for hair health (thanks to the lack of heat) but it’s also a good way to save on the time and effort it takes to blow dry. Take most of the moisture out of your hair after washing using a microfibre towel (which helps prevent frizz) and then simply mist our Air Dry Spray through mid-lengths and ends for defined, tousled texture, no fuss needed.

A greasy hair saviour

‌Okay so your hair is a little on the greasy side but you don’t have much time to wash it… we have all been there. Instead of masking it with dry shampoo, add a nourishing hair mask through roots to ends and brush it up into a slicked-back style. As well as looking polished, your hair will thank you when you eventually do wash it out.

Style the hair around your face

‌If you don’t have time to style all of your hair, an easy hack is to simply style the pieces that frame the face.This works especially well with waves, giving the illusion of curls throughout the hair, despite that not being the case. To save even more time, let our Wavemaker do the curling for you.