My Top 3 Cuts For Fuller Hair

My Top 3 Cuts For Fuller Hair

You can throw all the products you like at fine hair, but unless you build the foundation for more shape and volume with a Great Cut, you’re unlikely to achieve the result you want.

Your expert stylist can cut your hair in such a way as to make your fine hair have the illusion of fullness, by laying the foundation of more shape, body and movement. The beauty of a Great Cut is that it also minimises the amount of time and products you need to style it. 

There are a few myths to bust here: Firstly, excessive layers will only make your hair look finer. In general, blunt lines look fuller. Secondly, to get fuller–looking hair, you don’t necessarily need to cut your hair shorter. This is more about getting the best out of your hair in a way that enhances volume – and boosts your confidence. 

So, here are my top 3 cuts to make your hair look fuller…

1. The Chunky Bob

The graphic shape of a jaw–skimming, blunt–ended bob will not only flatter your bone structure, but it’ll make your hair look fuller too. The sleek, simple lines and solid edges feel fresh and youthful, rather than fine, lifeless and limp. As a slight variation on the Blunt Bob, the new Bobble Bob, with its rounded shape, also creates the illusion of more body. Both are super versatile, so can be air dried or blow dried to create even more oomph. Remember, you can always flip the front section of your bob to the side to create more height and shape.

2. The Dry Cut for Long Hair

If long hair is left without shape, gravity will take hold and it will fall in two heavy, limp curtains. The key to making long hair look fuller is to add super soft layers – or what we call “invisible layers”. These add soft movement and texture for added body, without ever making your hair look thin or wispy. In our flagships, we like to create this kind of look with a “dry cutting” technique that allows us to work with your hair’s natural movement and really amplify it n order to add volume. As a bonus tip, asking your colourist to add balayage or highlights will help contour these soft layers and again, create the appearance of more body.

3. The Long Bangs

It’s easy to think that the less hair you have, the finer your hair will look. Long Bangs are solid evidence that quite the opposite is true. Bearing hints of nostalgic ‘60s vibez, long bangs that hit between nose and jaw height and come with super soft, buttery ends, frame your face in a way that adds fullness. It’s a great cheat for anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours styling, but loves a curtain–sweep of hair to accentuate their eyes. Using these clips is a quick way of air drying in that shape to give your look the illusion of more volume overall.

A note on products

If you’re not a fan of heavy mousses or hairsprays, feel free to ditch them from your routine. Once your cut has effectively created built–in volume, all you need is a few simple products to enhance it. Zhoosh Foam is your friend for prepping your blow dry – or adding more volume and root–lift to dry hair. You can watch how I like to apply Zhoosh Foam right here. If you love the look of a more polished blow dry, our ultimate Power Blowout technique will also boost that volume – and send your confidence sky high.