These 4 hair looks have been massive for months but we're just not ready to let them go yet.

  1. (Faux) Fringe

Faux or not, the fringe was one of 2016's best hair moments. The rise of decent clip-in fringes had everyone testing this staple 'It girl' look out. Celebrities had the world guessing whether they'd gone under the scissors with teasing Instagram posts.

Try it yourself with Hershesons Clip In Fringe (£30).

2. The Flave

Hair gurus across the globe were swapping their tongs for irons to wave hair. Instead of curling, the mode is to bend the hair. The result? A cooler, effortless looking wave that we've still loving this new year.

Watch our very own hair guru, Luke Hersheson, demonstrate how to do these seamless waves completely tong-free here!

3. Power Ponies

Ponytails were insanely fierce last year. The power ponytails have been an iconic symbol for strength in the women who wear it. Long, thick, and luxurious: this look was again championed by the world's most fearless female powerhouses.

Hershesons How To: Pull hair into a ponytail using invisible bands (Hershesons Clear Snagless Bands, £6.50). The higher you tie it, the bolder the look. Use plenty of hairspray and grips to hold down flyaway hairs. Finally, take a strand of hair and wrap around the tie before fixing in place with grips.

4. Shaggy

The number one surprise hit of 2016 has got to be the comeback of shaggy hair. The modern shag fuses elements of 'French girl hair' and 80s rock chick for a seriously cool look.

The great news is that it works wonders for thin-haired girls. Take a look at our new genius cut, the Hair Thickening Cut. This layered styled adds plenty of volume without styling!