11 chic grey hairstyles to inspire your next look

11 chic grey hairstyles to inspire your next look

There is an antiquated idea that as you get older, you have to cut all of your hair off into a relatively simple crop.

This “rule” works well for some, but for others it can feel stifling, not to mention look unflattering.

As you get older – and your hair segues to grey, white and silver – it’s a ripe time to experiment with the shape of your cut.

You can be experimental and enjoy your hair – unlike that old adage, your hair can and should be a standout part of your look.‌

All it takes is a good haircut as well as a few simple styling tricks to help add body, texture and movement to your preferred cut – at Hershesons, we can help with both.



And how to style them?

If it’s volume you’re after, look no further than Zhoosh, our dry-foam formula that quickly adds texture, body and bounce to both wet and dry hair. Simply apply and rub in – that’s it!

If you want to define curls, add shine or nourish dry ends, you need our Almost Everything Cream which, true to its name, really does do it all. Rub a pea-sized amount in between your hands, then apply to the hair.

And for any and every look, you’ll love our Great Hairdryer. Whether your hair is long or short, or whatever texture, there’s an attachment to help you make the most of your hair. It’s lightweight, speedy and makes achieving a shiny finish easy.