Runaway roots, box dye disasters – and toning shampoo trials: one of the many things lockdown has taught us, is just how important having Great Colour is for our overall confidence. This week on Instagram, our pro colourists* covered your every conundrum. Here’s the 411…

Salon and box dye colour do not a good mix make

If you’ve spent years perfecting your colour with a professional colourist, whacking on a box dye to cover your roots will not only look bizarre (read: horrendous) – but it could take months (or even years) to fix. Scroll down, and we'll tell you how to get to the front of the appointment queue once lockdown lifts. 

Toning shampoos are ok…as long as you don’t do this

Silver – or toning – shampoos that are violet in colour are good for refreshing white or grey hair. They'll also reduce brassiness in old highlights of balayage. Just be warned: use them more than once every two weeks, and your hair could go from blonde to blue. We love L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo.

Caring for your colour will lift in after just 1 wash

Hydrating your hair will help it reflect the light and give it a nice, healthy shine – as if it’s had a facelift. Masks are your one-way ticket to upping its moisture content. So try Christophe Robin’s Shade Variation Mask (which comes in a variety of colours) – plus smooth on Almost Everything Cream after your shower, before drying.

You can cover greys with this

Look out for crayon-like cover-ups, such as Bumble and Bumble’s Colour Stick. They give you the precision to “paint away” greys in a few seconds flat.

But Helen Mirren and Vogue’s Sarah Miller prove you can rock them too

Check out this week’s IGTV, and you’ll see just how the pros do it. From Helen Mirren to Judi Dench, Vogue’s Sarah Harris and women of all ages – silver, white, grey and salt and pepper shades really can work wonders when you know how.

Dry shampoo is great for blondes with dark roots

Let's get things straight: we think dark roots on blondes can have a cool, beachy vibe. However, if yours are doing your head in, dry shampoo is a hassle-free way to add oomph and lighten those roots a little.

Brunettes can cover roots as well

The iconic Batiste Dry Shampoo now also comes in Divine Dark and Beautiful Brunette shades, when you want to lift those roots – without reaching for the dreaded box dye.

Styling your hair in a certain way will enhance your colour

If that centre parting is looking a bit limp and greasy, flip that hair to the side – those dark roots suddenly create a little depth and shape. Our IGTV on tonging tips for the perfect beachy wave will also help you add gentle movement that brings out the colour on your mid-lengths and ends.

Great Colour grows out seamlessly

When we say "seamlessly", we mean that it has been professionally applied and blended in such a way that it grows out looking beautifully natural. Which is why, two months on from your last appointment, many of you are telling us how GREAT your colour looks now. That said, for all those keen to get out of the starting blocks, watch this space. We’ll be giving you PRIORITY ACCESS TO THE FIRST SALON APPOINTMENTS when you sign up to jump the queue and lockdown finally lifts.