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Reinvented by Hershesons


Hershesons are embracing curl power with the launch of 2 new permanent wave treatments.

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as seen in The Sunday Times Style (see below)!

For the fashion conscious. Full-on, unapologetically big and lively curls circa Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, early 90s supermodels and Carrie Bradshaw Series 1. Hair is wound around long, rubber rods versus traditional perm rollers – to give a loose, natural-looking big curl.

Hershesons - The Perm Is Back Style


THE PROBLEM SOLVING PERM:  Hair Thickening Braid Perm


Forget everything you know about perms because the braid perm is reinventing all the perm rules.  Designed by Hershesons Technician Lily Bunting-Branch this perm is for those (women and men) with fine, lifeless, hard-to-manage hair. 

Lily says, “I designed this perm for hair that needs some guts or bite so it can hold a style as well as look and feel naturally fuller. We use traditional perming lotions with high-grade organic formulations that are kinder to the hair - but apply them to braids versus rollers or rods.  The result is super soft loose waves that alter the texture of the hair – making it look fuller and thicker and easier to style.”

Luke Hersheson Creative Director at Hershesons advises adopting a new styling mind-set if you opt to perm.  He says, “It’s super easy to style a perm but it does involve re-education. Dig out the diffuser for your hairdryer, use your fingers instead of a hairbrush and gently scrunch the hair dry. Or simply let it air dry after applying some serum.”

Hershesons hair thickening braid perm


The Maxi Perm & Hair Thickening Braid Perm are available at Daniel Hersheson Salons priced from £225.00.

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