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Location: The Old Sorting Office

Dominating the second floor show-space we saw graphic patterns, elegantly cut slacks, signature bombers and sophisticated tailoring to briefly summarise Saunders’ quirky menswear collection. His static presentation was an opportunity to admire the construction and detail of his tactile showcase.

Staying true to his strengths, Saunders played on fresh colours that popped against a minimalistic set of the derelict building. Giant lanterns filtered a warm light upon dewy skin, whilst the relaxed, undone hair threw us from heady summer’s day to a hot and sultry evening.

Luke Hersheson played on the idea of 'club hair' to accompany the static feel of the collection. Model's hair was kept natural and roughly styled with gloss shine and oils to produce a dry root but wet and greasy ends. No combs were needed as hair was pushed back off the front of the face with the fingers to mimic that hot and sweaty summer. 

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The ponytail serves as a reminder that sometimes simplicity is the best weapon. It’s hassle-free but sumptuous, often perfect but imperfect, but constantly changing to suit current trends and seasons. 

The ways to style your ponytail are surprisingly varied but this summer our looks will be dominated by one distinct accent. Whether yours goes from loose to messy or super straight and sleek the low ponytail is one style you can trust to look equally stunning as a flawless interpretation, or simply a perfectly imperfect one.

If you’re thinking about taking a sleek and minimalistic approach, why not add an accessory! Believe it or not there’s nothing more suited to the simplicity and beauty of a low ponytail than a well-chosen hair accessory. From edgy leather bands to gold barrettes the opportunities to accessorise are infinite, there’s enough options to keep your ponytail interesting season by season. At London Fashion Week we created thick, minimalist headbands to accompany roughened up ponytails for Roksanda Ilincic. We took the casual factor up another step to evoke elements of effortlessness and ease. Constructing DIY ponytails paired with pastel headbands simulated a sense of girlyness and grace.

Luke Hersheson played on the concept of everyday objects and revisited accessories and their relationship with hair. Hair was kept simple, well put together, but not over-done to represent a girl who cares about what she looks like without putting in the effort. We wanted to emulate a lived-in disheveled ponytail that only ever results after a night-out. It’s the perfect mix of pretty and edgy.

To create: Don’t be precious about your ponytail. There is nothing precise about this look so try tying yours as quickly as possible. Don’t pull all your hair into the ponytail; leave some strands to fall across your face and to sit out by your ears you really don’t need to pull it so tight! Pull and tease strands back out of the band to create ‘accidental’ bumps, this creates that all-important lift at the crown and texture on top!

Hair trends for this summer are pointing to all things carefree and perfectly undone. In the hair styling department we all beg for a certain kind of ease, so for a subdued take on elegance wear the low ponytail!

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Almost from nowhere the side parting is BIG news, appearing on the red carpet, the runway and now in our salons too!

Whether you’re a celeb or not we can’t help but inject a hint of Hollywood glamour into our spring/summer hair wardrobe and show off an asymmetric side sweep, complete with tonged waves or curls.

"The side parting has become a new style statement," says Luke Hersheson. "There's something incredibly chic and something incredibly grown up about it." Not only is it fundamentally chic and surprisingly versatile, that deep side parting works hard to keep your style structured and neat.

Luke states: "the side parting is just a little bit more elegant and considered than the middle parting - which we're all a bit bored of now. Side swept hair allows for simplicity and this new off-centre styling is a real nod to the Fifties starlet era, think Rita Hayworth and Marlene Dietrich. But while it's a polished reinterpretation, it's less fixed and forced somehow. There's also a sense that once you've got your side parting, you don't have to do too much else!"

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Chanel Cruise, Dubai 2014 Hair by Sam Mcknight


In distant lands temperatures soared well past 100 degrees as Karl Lagerfeld staged his Chanel Cruise show at Dubai’s design district.

Hair competed with the city’s stretching skyscrapers, with styles rising well above model’s crowns and replicating sixties model, Marisa Berenson.  Hair had to be big, hair had to be supersized!

Curled creations swept the runway with extravagant shape, texture and colour but our favourite was the undone beehive, in all its entirety!

To get the look book in with an experienced stylist, pronto! Luke Hersheson advises:

"It's not a DIY do at all. That would have taken a long time to create backstage using very small tongs. If you do have the time and energy you could try using rags in you hair overnight; start at the ends and roll small sections like corkscrews around the rags when wet. Apply a setting agent, and wait for them to dry - preferably overnight.

The BIG beehive however can definitely be achieved out of the salon. All you need is a good blow dry, a jumbo sized brush and a hairpiece. We’re using them more and more backstage now, and it's something women are just that much more used to wearing.

Try the Hersheson's Long Slightly Layered 3/4 Head Hair Piece, £80

A big bround brush on long thick hair will give that same straight, smooth finish, without any bounce or movement but finish off the style with a drop of oil such as Kerastase Elixir Ultime. 

Try the Hersheson’s Ceramic Ion Brush 1, £32

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