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The 15 Minute Blow Dry Kit

The 15 Minute Blow Dry Kit

Product Review (submitted on 29 April 2017):
I've always had frizzy hair. In school, a boy called Oscar used to make fun of it. I've got lank, dull brown waves that turn into a hairball at the very mention of a blow-dry. My stylist always does a fab job of turning my mop into silky tresses, so I thought I should try a better dryer. Boy, am I glad I did.

Even without styling, my hair was silky smooth (I genuinely couldn't believe it) and softer than a cherub's curls. I've never witnessed my hair like this. Without any product!

The brush must be magic too because it gave my red carpet curls - and I'm frankly useless at drying my own hair. I look like a friggin' Hollywood starlet. My mind has well and truly been blown.

Would I say it's worth the price tag? Oh hell yes.

For the record, I have dense but quite fine caucasian hair that's been colour treated.