'Get A Grip' Black Grips

'Get A Grip' Black Grips

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Hershesons Grips are perfect for securing in place up do's, keeping flyaway hairs back and great for styling. These are every girls necessity.
Bring sneaky stray ends back under your control with our mini tins. Foolproof style? It's in the can! These are the grips of choice when Luke Hersheson styles hair for ad campaigns and magazines - no other kind will do! They are the best, most durable grips you can find and made in high quality material. The 5cm grip securely fastens hair in place for up do's, keeping fly away hairs back and are perfect for styling. Grips come in a range of colours: blonde, brown and black to suit all hair shades and are every girl's necessity. The generous size of 75 will last for a long while, and our lovely tins are a great place to store them - no more having to look for a hair band at the bottom of your hand bag!