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Create the Hershesons Braid bar looks

how to: the classic braid


step 1

Take a section of hair from the middle of your two eyebrows all the way down to the bottom of your neck to part your hair in 3 sections.


step 2

Make sure your sections are neat and tidy. (Start on whatever side is easier for you.)


step 3

Then take your 3 sections and plait an inverted braid taking the hair underneath the middle section. Add more hair to each section as you go down to the nape.


step 4

Secure with an clear snagless elastic band.


step 5

Repeat the same for the other 2 sections.


step 6

You can use this technique to create as many braids you like.


“this braid is easier to do on hair which is wet or a few days old to get a tighter cleaner look."

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