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how to: the off duty braid


 step 1

This braid looks good in any parting but we prefer a romantic side part.


 step 2

To begin, use a mixed bristle brush to backcomb your hair at the crown.


 step 3

Your braid will go straight down the back of your head so create 2 sections in line with the tops of your ears and begin to either fishtail braid or French braid. The choice is yours.


step 4

Continue to braid all the way to the ends of your hair and secure with a clear snagless elastic.


 step 5

Pull sections of your braid apart, the more the better for a messy, off-duty vibe.


"If you feel your hair lacks length or fullness include Hershesons Invisible Ponytail to enhance your look. Our secret to this off-duty look is simple… the messier the better!"

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