Want to skip frizz and make your curls pop with effortless shape and movement? We’ve got you covered with the Hershesons 101 on bringing out the best in your Natural Curls.

"Without a great cut and colour, curly hair can often look like a mass of frizz. Get the basics right and you can tame that frizz, define those curls and be in and out of the bathroom in minutes, knowing that your hair has naturally great shape,” says Luke Hershesons.

Here’s 5 ways to get easy shape, definition, movement and no-hassle styling.

The best cut for curly hair

As much as we love curls, we often hear women complaining that their hair feels ‘weighed down’ and shapeless. The best cut for curly hair is super simple – with subtle layers ‘sliced’ into the front section, which gives incredible shape and body when worn up or down. Go bob-length like this or keep it long like queen of curls, Rihanna. Either way, the face-framing cut creates a shape that brings out the best in your natural texture, so you don’t have to spend hours styling it later.

Working a fringe with curly hair

A fringe is the perfect complement to your curls, as you can see by this classic, ’70s-inspired Curly Shag style. Make sure the fringe blends seamlessly into the rest of your hair, so it looks super soft and natural. Zendaya, Mica Argañaraz, Freya Beha Erichsen all look incredible with curls and a fringe.


How to colour your curls

While colour isn't a must, for anyone with a mass of curls, a few babylights can add depth and definition to your look. For a sun-kissed glow like this, keep the roots dark and book in for balayage to lighten the mid-lengths and ends, allowing the colour to complement the shape.

The modern-day perm

For loose curls that you want to dial up, the modern-day perm gives you great definition and fullness, without all the stickiness, crunching and rotten egg smell we associate with ‘80s perming. With new formulations and techniques, the new perm simply brings out the best in your curls, so you wake up with great hair every day. 

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Style and go

The beauty of curls is that when you find that holy grail product, you really can just scrunch and go. When we made Almost Everything Cream, we formulated it with curly girls in mind. Simply scrunch it in when your hair is soaking wet, and it’ll prevent frizz, condition and define your curls, so you can air dry and get on with your day. By all means, let your curls fall into a diffuser on low heat if you need to speed things up. We love to add a side flick like this, to create gorgeous height and shape at the front. Keep Almost Everything Cream handy throughout the day so you can tame frizz wherever you go.

Who to book

Conor, Premlee, David, Adrian are your go-to for great curly cuts. James is your guy if you want that sun-kissed glow.