Last year we celebrated undone hair styles that looked like you’d styled them yourself at home. The evolution of this trend is the Antibob – a haircut that looks like a DIY job because it’s amped with attitude and an ‘I don’t care’ nonchalance.

The Antibob is a new shape and hair texture created by Hershesons. It rejects the traditional hair cutting rules that are applied to bob cutting and gives the hair a shot of rebelliousness.

Luke Hersheson says, “a bob cut involves heavy corners and the precise evenness of every hair strand whereas the Antibob ignores this. We cut a reverse triangle shape that meets at the lowest point at the back of the head. So the shape is long at the back and shorter at the front. and then we add in a hint of a fringe”.

The Antibob is a democratic look - for all women of any age, with any hair length, any hair type and any hair texture. “The haircut is the look”, says Luke. “The idea is that the hair looks like it’s grown into itself rather than you’ve just had a haircut and left the salon”.

“And the genius part, is that this look barely needs styling. Don’t blow dry – either leave the hair to dry naturally or use straightening irons – versus tongs – to create a flat wave.”