Trust us when we say that no one loves summer more than us. But sometimes, our hair feels slightly differently. All that sun, sea, sand and freedom from our regular routine can leave it feeling frizzy, flat, dry, damaged – and frankly, too confused to know what to do with itself. So, we got to thinking: how is it that the likes of Gisele or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, say, seem to pull off awesome beachy texture or a slicked-back ‘do, without seeming to turn a hair?

Then we thought of the No 1 solution that would both streamline your holiday packing (less baggage weight on products means all the more room for multiple swimsuits) – and get you the Great Holiday Hair you deserve. All in 3 easy-quick steps. Meet Almost Everything Cream. It's our first ever styling product that's been 10 years in the making for one simple reason: that we refused to settle for anything other than the absolute best. Created by stylists but bulletproof even for butterfingers, it's a straight-talking, one-size-fits-all solution that tames strays, conditions sun-drenched lengths, defines curls, smooths heatwave frizz, primes your hair for styling, adds beachy texture, boosts shine – and even makes for a brilliant mask. Put simply, it puts the power back in your hands when your holiday hair is having one hell of a hissy fit.




All that for only 50ml, so you can see why it makes airport security attendees seriously happy, too. Here are 3 instant ways to take back control and get Great Holiday Hair. All thanks to a little genius product, we like to call AEC

1. Get Gisele's Beachy Texture

Give us the chance to achieve a Brazilian beachy texture that looks damn sexy and like you've just rolled out of bed, and frankly, we'd bite your arm off. Luckily, we won't have to, now that we have Almost Everything Cream by our side.
First, select a light, mist-like SPF oil that will protect your hair from UV damage (we love Kérastase Soleil Huile Siren). Then amp it up with some styling power by mixing in 1-2 pumps of Almost Everything Cream (kinda like mixing your facial SPF with your foundation). Scrunch this super mixture into lengths and ends when your hair is already dry for natural, beachy separation and texture that really has taken no effort at all.

2. Create a Cool Wet Look

Wet look styles can be hard to pull off. But context is everything, right? So, just like your swimsuit looks great on the beach (but wouldn't be ideal for the boardroom), a wet look style that might seem OTT in the city can and will look on point when you get to that poolside lounger. For those that would rather look like a ‘90s supermodel than simply a salty, drowned rat, slather (and we mean use a good 6-7 pumps of Almost Everything Cream) over your hair, maintaining a natural centre parting, when you emerge from your swim in the sea. Salt and chlorinated water dries hair out – so not only will Almost Everything Cream add essential moisture, but it'll lend your lengths a lovely separated texture, with a sheeny shine – rather than any weird stiffness.

3. Perfect an Easy Summer Night Ponytail

Can't face heading out with that head of frizz? Don't sweat it. After you've blow dried your hair (did we mention this dryer is great?), pump a few pumps of Almost Everything Cream into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Smooth it over strays, bring that frizz to heel; simply run it down your lengths as you draw your hair back and into a high, tight ponytail. As it's a cream – not a gel, mousse, serum or oil – it'll glide on without stickiness, grease or stiffness. So, you can head straight to the beach bar with the kind of Great Holiday Hair Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, or Bella Hadid would be proud of. 3 instant fixes for Great Holiday Hair – all in 50ml flat. Now you know good things really do come in small packages.