It’s easy to feel a bit ‘meh’ about your hair colour these days, isn’t it?

Even if it's a bit dull, dated, doesn't quite work with your skin type or is a *nightmare* to maintain, unless we're going for a drastic change, it’s easy to get stuck in a colour rut.. Maybe you've even been dyeing it at home and come a bit of a cropper (don't worry – we can fix it).

So, we thought we’d sort the highlights from the balayage and help you book the colour that’s right for you.

Highlights v Balayage

What’s the difference – and which one’s better for your hair? “Both techniques involve lightening strands of hair to give you a more blended look than you might otherwise get with all-over colour,” says James S, an incredible colourist at our Harvey Nichols salon.

“If you want nice clean lighter pieces that are tight to the roots of your hair, I’ll opt for foil highlights. If, however, you’re someone who wants a lived-in, warmer look that’s also more low maintenance (meaning you don’t have to come to the salon as often), then I’d use balayage. This involves painting your colour onto your hair freehand. Rather than using foils to apply colour in a more precise way". 

Should I book a full or a half head?

"If you haven't been to a certain colourist before, I'd always advise booking in for a full head, to give them time to get your colour just right. Half head appointments are usually reserved for maintenance when you want to keep your highlights or balayage fresh and blend out any root re-growth," says James.

“That said, if you have a bob and the underneath sections aren’t visible, you can get away with a half head appointment from the word go”.

What’s ombré hair colour?

“Ombré is when you keep the roots of the hair darker then lighten pieces towards the ends for beautiful sun-kissed look. Ombré can be achieved through highlights or balayage. If your hair is darker or has natural red tones running through it, I'd use highlights to make sure you get a nice clean colour lift. If your hair is naturally light, we can use balayage to create the same effect".


Ready to book your perfect colour? We can’t wait to see you again from 12th April.

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