Be inspired by the following directional looks with stylist, Luke Hersheson's tips on how to recreate them.

The Wavy Gravy

Undoubtedly one of the most defining hair styles of the Noughties. Its appeal lies in the instant wow factor of hair that looks fresh, effortless and not too contrived. Unquestionably sexy, it's a style that works on both long and short hair.

Associated Products

Perfect Blow Dry

A Hersheson classic for anyone after groomed, sleek and polished looking hair.


The 50's hair pleat gets a Noughties makeover. A flatter front and sides ensure its relevance in 2010.

The B-52

A modern, tougher reinterpretation of the classic Bardot up-do.


An instant 'lift' which creates a modern version of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.


Rock-a-billy meets Raga girl. A deceptively structured mess.

The Wavy Gravy

Touselled beach head hair meets Noughties rock'n'roll.


Imagine the chic of a 70s Jerry Hall or Alice Dellal with a modern, edgy undercut.

Luxe Curls

Think 1970s Gucci; the Wavy Gravy meets the Marcel.


Tough but fun, punk(ish) mini-mohawk from the early Nineties.

Make Believe Bob

A make believe bob reminiscent of 1930s Bloomsbury and the Mitford sisters.

The Quiff

A 1950s quiff with tom-boy cool to add a little edge to your clothes.

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